Let’s face it, we have all been to the mall during the weekends and have experienced the difficulty in attempting to locate a parking spot, but thanks to designers Shih Chang-Chi, Huang Shao-Heng & Wang Shou-Yu, all of that could be a thing of the past, assuming of course mall parking lots are willing to implement their system.


According to their design and concept, upon entering the mall, the machine that issues the parking ticket will also print a map of the parking lot. It will also mark on the ticket the spot that has been “reserved” for you. Not only will this save you time in locating a parking spot, but for those who are forgetful, it will point you in the direction of your vehicle when you are done with your shopping.

It is a very interesting idea and we don’t see why shopping malls or parking systems wouldn’t adopt such an idea. One problem we foresee is who’s to stop another driver from taking your spot because it looked more “convenient”? What do you guys think?

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