Polly helps you shoot smooth videos and blur free photosThere is nothing more annoying than watching a video clip that shakes all the time – not only does it induce a headache for some, it also ends up making the video look rather disjointed. While there are tools out there (not to mention a steady hand always helps) to assist the videographer or photographer capture great shots sans shakes and blues, here is something you might want to explore – Polly. This Polly needs no cracker, but rather, it was specially designed to create smooth and stabilized camera movements in a special and innovative method. The flywheel gear inside is made out of high-grade steel, where it will simultaneously accumulate kinetic energy while stabilizing movement. When you have a camera and a video-head mounted on the top, you are able to achieve constant and ultra slow tracking shots with but a fingertip.

Polly works great on virtually all flat surfaces, where a scale that is located on the flywheel itself will pave the way for super-precise stopmotion dolly shots to boot. This Portable Dolly System also has an optional accessory known as the Pollysystem, where it delivers a fold-out arm that can be used to implement a range of camera angles regardless of the directions. No idea on how much this Made in Germany device will cost, but pre-sales are tipped to start sometime in Q2 2012.

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