Microsoft knows that having solid hardware is one thing, but just as how their success in the operating system arena for desktop computers and notebooks have proved, software is another major money spinner – and it keeps great hardware going. One of the more popular “genres” (if I may have the liberty of classifying it as such) of software would be the kind that entertains, namely games. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, which explains why video and computer games are extremely popular among the general populace, especially in kids, teens and university graduates. Microsoft intends to establish themselves further in the mobile operating system front by augmenting their Windows Phone platform with a major game release that will happen every week. Splinter Cell: Conviction (as seen in the video above) and Toy Soldiers are a couple of upcoming titles, with the former hitting the Windows Phone platform this February 22 for $4.99, while Toy Soldiers will arrive a week later at $2.99. Is your appetite whet yet?

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