Remember American Gladiators? Everyone in there is properly padded up, so much so that what might look like a serious hit would probably result in a bruise at best. How about a sport that is more bloodthirsty (someone else might chant for Blood Bowl, but that is taking it a wee bit too far methinks)? Enter the Ultimate Tazer Ball then, where this weird sport allows the use of stun guns (or better known by tasers) on one’s opponents. Sounds like one painful contact sport to be in, and the ball which sees play can be considered to be as huge as a beachball, as grown men attempt to score points by sending the ball into the opponent’s net while tazing each other. It does seem as though this is more fit as an imaginary sport on Jackass, but since it exists in real life, it just proves the diversity of mankind. Good thing the tasers in action are not those used by the police, and cannot kill, neither can they induce a cardiac arrest due to the lower amperage applied.

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