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The Taser Pulse Is Designed For Civilians
Most of the time when you see a taser, chances are they are being used by law enforcement officials. However what if you wanted to protect yourself as a civilian? What if you wanted something similar to a taser, except legal? The good news is that the company has recently launched a civilian device in the form of the Taser Pulse.

Taser Axon Flex Is Their Latest Policing Tool
Taser International is most famous for their self-defense device of a similar namesake, Taser, where it will discharge a bolt of energy at the attacker in an effort to disable said person who is fast closing in and violating your personal space, blanketed with an evil intention. Well, their stun gun has proved to be quite a seller, where it has been reported that around 90% of police departments in […]

Woman Tasered After Numerous iPhone Purchase Attempts
Now here is a modern day horror story to share with your family and friends around the table this Christmas, especially when it concerns consumer electronics. Apparently, police tasered a lady who wanted to purchase too many iPhones at a New Hampshire Apple store. The 44-year old Chinese lady was tasered because she refused to leave the Apple store the day after she already purchased a couple of iPhones (the […]

Ultimate Tazer Ball makes American Gladiators look like child's play
Remember American Gladiators? Everyone in there is properly padded up, so much so that what might look like a serious hit would probably result in a bruise at best. How about a sport that is more bloodthirsty (someone else might chant for Blood Bowl, but that is taking it a wee bit too far methinks)? Enter the Ultimate Tazer Ball then, where this weird sport allows the use of stun […]


Taser: now in grenade form
The folks over at Taser have come up with a new form of human incapacitation – a 50,000 volt projectile in the form of the Taser Grenade. Such grenades can be used from much further distances than regular Taser guns which have a limited range due to the wires that send the current into the victim. But these new Taser Grenades don’t have that limitation, and can be shot from […]

Taser X3 Coming Your Way
Don’t think anybody would like to be on the receiving end of a taser shot, but then again that doesn’t mean technology used in these stun devices would remain stagnant. It seems as though there is a new Taser in town which is capable of firing up to three shots before it requires any recharging, making it the most innovative handheld electronic control device (ECD), taking over the mantle from […]

Hello Kitty Taser Gun
I don’t know about you, but cute and brutal just don’t go together – which is why the Hello Kitty Taser Gun is a pretty ironic device to own. After all, who would want to share their stories of being tased by a Hello Kitty-loving cop? Well, at least it does look more like a girl’s toy to fool criminals before they realize too late that they’re on the receiving […]