VISARCOne of the main problems with most smartphone displays right now is the inability to view them in direct sunlight. When using your phone outdoors, you usually have to look for a shaded area or use your hand as a makeshift shade in order to view the screen properly. Well, that might not be a problem anymore in the future. The folks over at Oxford Advanced Surfaces Group Plc have come up with a solution to the problem: VISARC (Variable Index Single-layer Anti-Reflective Coating) technology and are planning to get it onto LCD and LED displays.


The anti-reflective coating, when applied to surfaces like glass, polycarbonate and other plastics, has been touted to have an optical performance of 0.3% reflection, which exceeds the current industry target of 0.5% and 1.0% seen on current commercial products. The VISARC nanoparticle coating is currently undergoing evaluations and hopefully won’t take too long to hit the market in the form of coated smartphone/tablet displays.

[Press Release | Oxford Advanced Surfaces Group Plc]

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