A lot of companies these days have started focusing on renewable energy and the sustainability of the products they produce. This has been evidenced in the rise of electric vehicles and hybrids whose aim is to help reduce the consumption of fuel, and while you may not be interested in buying a hybrid or electric vehicle, how about a smartphone/tablet stand that can be recycled when you’re done using it?

If such a product has caught your attention, you might be interested in checking out Berlin’s Weltunit who has recently started making device stands out of cardboard. They have been laser cut to ensure a precise and proper fit, and at the moment they have been designed with the iPad 2, the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S in mind.

Granted they’re probably not the best looking device stands available out there, but the idea behind the choice for cardboard is that since we tend to upgrade our devices, why should the device stand outlast the device itself? If one day Apple decided to make an 11” iPad, wouldn’t the current case/dock that you have for the 9.7” be useless and just sit in your room collecting dust?

So instead of sending more junk to the landfill that can’t be recycled, and if you’re intrigued at the prospect of a recyclable device stand, pop on over to Weltunit’s website and sign up for their newsletter for more information on how to purchase the cardboard gadget stand.

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