Winds chimes for the most part are used for decorative purposes, although admittedly they are rather pleasing to the ears, and on a more spiritual level they are meant to help ward against negativity and whatnot, which is why we find “The Hope of Breeze” wind chime concept to be rather unique in nature.

Created by a group of designers (Chen Yan Zhuang, Zhou Li, Peng Qixuan, Liu Huan-jung, Ke Qi Ling & Zhong Zhida), The Hope of Breeze wind chimes will not be providing its owner with soothing sounds, but will instead provide more practical use in the form of a lamp that is powered by wind energy. According to its designers, a magnetic generator will be installed in the wind chime along with four LEDs.

Through the swaying of the weights in the presence of wind, electricity will be generated thus powering the four LEDs that will help create a “tranquil and romantic” mood. It is a pretty novel idea and while we won’t be powering our streets with these, we think that they would make a great accessory for the home that we wouldn’t mind getting our hands on.

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