Most of the time, movies being made into video games tend to see the latter suffer, even more so when a movie is particularly bad. Well, there are exceptions to the rule, but those are far and few in between, which is what made them ‘exceptions’ in the first place. Well, in other instances, you have movies being made out of video games, and this is an even sadder scenario, as most of these video game inspired movies tend to be lemons. Basically, Battleship pits you in a situation where you fight for the planet’s survival against an incoming alien invasion, and as an elite soldier, the task on your shoulders would be to save the world. Yes sir, and most of the time, the hero ends up with the leading lady, but I am not quite sure whether this is the case with the Battleship video game. Go on, check out the trailer above, and see whether it is going to convince you into purchasing the game.

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