Fujifilm is launching what it calls “Real 3D Mammography” which is a medical imaging system that would enable radiologists or X-Ray technicians to view mammographic images in 3D. The technology would help to see and interpret the details of an internal anatomical breast structure much more clearly that is currently possible with a 2D image. The system will cost about $181,000 and is designed to work with “Amulet f,” Fujifilm’s digital X-ray camera for breast cancer screening. The device is not part of the $181,000.

When a picture of the breast is taken with the Amulet f, two different images will be captured from separate angles. Then, by displaying the two different images on a special LCD monitor the technician equipped with a set of polarized glasses will be able to see a 3D image. The specialized monitor is produced by combining two LCD monitors and a part called “half mirror.” Like the standard mammography machine, this one also releases its share of radiation but with Fujifilm’s own methods of taking and processing images, the total amount of it only increases by about 30-50%. Some would argue that the amount is still high but what the 3D Mammography does offer you is a way to determine if a tumor mass is in contact with a mammary gland as well as to measure depths of microcalcification within the breast.

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