If there is one advantage of cycling late at night or in the wee hours of the morning, it would be this – there is far less pollution for you to inhale, and the roads are a whole lot more bicycle friendly. Well, in order to increase your visibility level to the other road users, wearing a jacket with reflective strips do help, but if you had the Glo-Bars installed onto your two wheeler, then chances are nobody is able to miss you. Thanks to industrial designer Mitchell Silva, this particular bicycle illumination system will not only help others notice your presence on the road via the LEDs that emit a bright light, they can also double up as turn signal indicator, now how about that? Silva describes the system’s creation this way, “For the construction of the prototype, I cut long strips out of the bars and installed plastic tubing on the inside of the bars to help keep them rigid. I then installed approximately 40 high-efficiency LED bulbs in the inner plastic tubing, and installed a momentary actuator button on the back of the bars. The whole system runs off of a watch battery.” A watch battery, hmmm? I shall look at that differently next time with a higher level of respect.

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