GMC Acadia sees heads-up display action

General Motors (GM) has announced that their latest effort, the GMC Acadia, will come with GM’s very own “heads-up display” (HUD) to keep up with the times. This technology is said to be a staple on the Acadia Denali, and will also be made available on the redesigned 2013 model. I guess for those who failed flight school, you can imagine yourself as a pilot, although your ride will never take to the skies unless you perform a suicidal move and drive off a cliff or a bridge. Basically, the heads-up display will let you feel as though you are a pilot, checking out vital statistics such as speed and navigation commands that are projected onto the windshield, making it look as though they are floating right in front of your face. This HUD is made possible thanks to a series of mirrors and a display screen. No idea on whether this feature (that has been staple in other higher end rides from German makes for some time already) will be the tipping point when one mulls over a decision to purchase a new car.

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