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ActiveLook Tiny Head-Up Display Module for Smartglasses
Microoled is a provider of low-power, high-resolution OLED microdisplays that develops the ActiveLook smartglass platform. ActiveLook is a lightweight head-up display dedicated to sports connected eyewear and a CES 2021 Innovation Award winner.The Microoled’s optical module is perfect for sports activity, thanks to its super lightweight, compact body and long battery life. Users can see their sports performance data in real-time, such as pace, speed, and distance, directly in the […]

SenseHUD Is The Ultimate Portable Head-up Display
[CES 2015] Heads Up Displays (HUDs) happen to be technology that is worth exploring, as it comes in handy to display even more information than before, for instance, in a vehicle where the dashboard itself does not have enough space to show other important information while you coast down the freeway. Well, is there such a thing as an “ultimate portable heads up display”? I suppose the folks behind SenseHUD […]

SKYLENS Wearable HUD Delivers Enhanced Flight Vision
Elbit Systems has recently announced the launch of their SKYLENS wearable head-up display that will target Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) applications. Basically, with the SKYLENS heads-up display in action, pilots will be able to find their way through fog easier than ever before. This is essential since it could very well end up as a life saver during one of those moments when everything that can go wrong, does […]

Mazda Heads Up Cockpit
[CEATEC 2013] We took a look at the Mazda Connect when CEATEC kicked off officially yesterday, and here we are with the Heads Up Cockpit from the Japanese auto manufacturer. The first commercially available Mazda vehicle that will see the implementation of the Heads Up Cockpit would be the Mazda AXELA, where this particular system will hopefully be able to make driving more pleasurable as well as informative for the […]


Garmin's HUD Projects Directions On Your Windshield
Garmin is introducing its HUD, which can project directions directly onto your windshield.

ReconJet Heads-Up Display At Google I/O: Looks Neat
Recon Instruments is launching this futuristic-looking heads-up display, which is integrated to sunglasses. The idea is pretty much the same as Google Glass: to deliver information in an integrated way and the sunglasses integration may be just a little bit more conspicuous at first. On a second look, it’s quite obvious that there are not ordinary sunglasses since the display element protrudes quite a bit. Still, this design may yield […]

GMC Acadia sees heads-up display action
General Motors (GM) has announced that their latest effort, the GMC Acadia, will come with GM’s very own “heads-up display” (HUD) to keep up with the times. This technology is said to be a staple on the Acadia Denali, and will also be made available on the redesigned 2013 model. I guess for those who failed flight school, you can imagine yourself as a pilot, although your ride will never […]

Recon Instruments to demo Android-powered HUD at MWC
Snow sports enthusiasts out there might be familiar with Recon Instruments’ HUD (Heads-Up Display) technology. Well for those who might have attended CES earlier this year, they might have caught wind of Recon Instruments’ announcement that they would be launching an SDK for a new HUD product based on Android, and if that sounded like music to your ears, the company will be demoing such a unit at MWC next […]

Pioneer Augmented Reality (AR) Heads Up Display
[CEATEC 2011] I guess modern marvels keep on dropping jaws – case in point, this particular Augmented Reality (AR) Heads Up Display (HUD) from Pioneer that is on display at CEATEC this year. Granted, the “booth” looks particularly basic as I would have preferred to be comfortably seated in a replica car to get a feeling of how it is like in the real world, but I guess a crude […]

Volumetric 3D HUD deliver augmented reality to your vehicle
HUD (Heads Up Display) technology is not new and has been around in cars for some years already, but how many of them have taken the 3D leap? This unique HUD will rely on lasers to project 3D graphics in your vehicle, and it might just pave the way for future automotive GPS systems. The 2011 Augmented Reality Expo saw the first prototype of this volumetric HUD, where it actually […]

Pioneer, Microvision work together on laser heads up display
Pioneer and Microvision have come together and pooled their talents to construct an all new laser module for a commercial class projector that will not debut next year, but rather, in 2012. This new projector will rely on a spanking new display engine, what with the inclusion of a real green laser that has been missing from the formula up until now. We do admit, it does look unreal at […]

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Would Be A Boon To Firefighters
This Sidewinder Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) concept might make you look like a scuba diver, but it certainly would be very useful to firefighters, especially if you’re trying to avoid choking on the smoke. This mask ever features a regulator that can retract the air tube over the shoulder, reducing snag points. It also features other useful functions such as a voice amplifier, flashlight and heads up display in […]

Ski Goggles HUD
Talk to any guy on the street and he’ll certainly welcome the idea of HUD (Head-up display) technology. Now Recon Instruments is busy designing some ski goggles which will sport a 15mm diagonal micro display inside the lens. Said display will feed you information such as real-time speed, jump hang-time, vertical gain/loss, altitude, temperature, stopwatch and every GPS capabilities. The folks behind it are every trying to get the goggle’s […]