If someone asked you whether you wanted a BMW 3-Series or a digital camera for your birthday, which would you choose? I suppose those who have a keen eye for photography (and already own a jalopy) might want to settle for the camera, especially when one is talking about the $31,7000 Leica M9-P limited edition camera. There are millions of BMW 3 Series roaming the roads worldwide, but you know that only 50 Leica M9-Ps will be in the market – and they will most probably appreciate in time just like fine wine (or exotic vehicles of limited numbers). The Leica M9-P will come in a white lacquer finish, while some other parts will be covered in white calf’s leather. It will be accompanied by an extremely bright f0.95 50mm lens, an 18-megapixel full frame 24mm x 36mm sensor alongside an interchangeable lens system. The standard issue Leica M9-P is not cheap either, costing $8,000 a pop. It would be interesting to see just what kind of personalities will pick up the Leica M9-P limited edition shooter.

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