Let’s face it, we’ve all woken up in the morning before no thanks to our alarm clocks, only to have to fumble about in a half asleep stupor trying to locate the snooze button on the darn thing. If you thought it’d be a good idea to have an alarm clock turn itself off simply by telling it to, you’re in luck thanks to the ivee Digit Voice Control Alarm Clock, an alarm clock that comes with a built-in voice command feature.

According to its listing, the ivee alarm clock will come with a voice command feature that can not only be used to tell it to turn itself off, but can also be used to ask for the time, the date and even the temperature, and will also allow users to set the alarm via voice commands. Apart from its voice command feature, it’s pretty much your standard alarm clock with three different sleep sounds which supposedly have been “scientifically” developed to produce a state of complete relaxation, and will come with a snooze feature with 9 minute intervals.

The ivee alarm clock can be powered by either 3 AAA batteries or an AC adapter and is available from Brookstone for $49.99. So, any takers?

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