Anyone who has gone trippin’ before would know that depending on the dosage as well as personality of a particular person would affect what one ‘sees’ when high – not so with the Lifeclipper virtual reality helmet though. Yes, you might look like a dork from the outside, but I think the experience alone is worth the temporal social outcast payoff, as it will let you walk around in a ‘living dream’. This helmet will not work anywhere else except in St. Johann’s Park in Basel, Switzerland, where you are able to explore a range of an actual park as captured by cameras, in addition to 3D illusions which were conjured by computers, ranging from the ghostly to glowing blades of grass, surreal insects as well as strange visions in the sky.

This is definitely a totally new way to keep yourself entertained, and I can just foresee future teens asking one another, “Hey, do you want to go Lifeclipping this weekend?”. A high-powered computer backpack that runs on Windows 7 will send you into a parallel world, and is controlled using an iPhone. I wonder whether anyone would find it difficult to separate reality from fiction after spending too much time with the Lifeclipper – what do you think? I wonder whether the Wi-Fi glasses can be competition for the Lifeclipper…

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