Who would have thought that a regular pair of spectacles might actually evolve into a high tech device down the road? An Israeli optics company figured out that such a revolutionary pair of spectacles is the future, and has developed a pair which will function as a projection screen that will show off a myriad of digital information that range from smartphone data to augmented reality – all delivered straight to the user’s line of sight. Sure, the prototype miniature video projector from Lumus might not be the most fashionable, but there must be something that needs to be said of a 87″ display that appears right in front of your eyes, as though you were just sitting three meters away from it.

Lumus is currently communicating with both smartphone and gaming companies to continue work on this technology, and assuming it hits the mainstream consciousness, you would be proud to say that you are using the same kind of technology that sees use in U.S. airforce F16 fighter jets. Never mind if your eyesight is as bad as a deer blinded by headlights as it crosses the road – it will be clear enough for you to view.

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