One of Michael Jackson’s most prized possessions would be his back catalogue, as it is definitely a treasure trove of musical genius. Well, word on the street has it that over 50,000 files from Sony Music has already been downloaded illegally, where most of them is work by late pop legend. Who knows just how many people worldwide now have heard of his yet unreleased material? We do know that Jackson’s estate signed the biggest recording deal to date with Sony in 2010, which amounted to $250 million, allowing Sony to sell Jackson’s entire back catalogue – in addition to previously unreleased tracks, of course. This just goes to show that nothing is sacred when you place it online, and where there is a will, there is a way. No idea on how the Jackson family will see this, but hopefully people will still respect the work of the legendary Michael Jackson when it is released in an album format, purchasing them legally even if there are illegal copies floating around the Internet.

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