Identity theft is not something that we are unfamiliar with. With so much details being shared about themselves all over the internet via sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and so many others, more and more people are finding themselves victims of identity theft. However, much like second-hand smoke causing cancer, it’s not always the ones who share every aspect of their lives online or even the most tech savvy people who can be kept safe from identity thieves. One such case happened recently when Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen had his identity stolen by an AWOL soldier.

BusinessWeek reported that the 28-year old soldier, Brandon Lee Price called Citibank pretending to be Allen and requested that the address of residence attached to “his” account be switched to his own address in Pittsburgh. After just three days, the perpetrator called again to request a new debit card as he had lost his own. The report says that the AWOL Price used the card to make payments on a delinquent Armed Forces Bank account on top of his personal expenses.

In a bad move, Price attempted to make a $15,000 Western Union transaction among other payments which alerted Citibank which in turn, notified the police. Price was arrested last week and he was sent back to Fort Polk in Louisiana. Since only one charge of $658.81 was transacted, the damage is not as bad as it could have been. Citibank who is said to be working closely with investigators on the case have still not explained how the AWOL soldier was able to get Paul Allen’s address changed over the phone.

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