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Samsung Promises Four Years Of Security Updates For Its Android Smartphones
One of the criticisms about Android phones is the lack of support. Usually, Android smartphones get about two major Android upgrades and maybe 2-3 years worth of security updates, and after that you’re pretty much on your own. However, Samsung is hoping to change that by extending their security updates to four years.

Mysterious Malware Discovered On At Least 30,000 Macs
Given that Windows is more widely used compared to Mac, it would obviously benefit hackers and scammers to create malware designed to target Windows computers instead of Mac, but this doesn’t mean that Macs are completely safe. In fact, recently, researchers have discovered a mysterious strain of malware on at least 30,000 Mac computers.

First Malware Targeting The M1 Chipset Has Been Discovered
Apple’s M1 chipset is relatively new and as such, it could be considered “safe” from malware, or at least that’s what we thought. According to security researcher Patrick Wardle, it seems that he has discovered that there are at least two different strains of malware that are targeting the M1 chipset.

LastPass Will Be Nerfing Its Free Tier
For those of you who use password managers (if you don’t, you should consider it), LastPass is probably one of the password managers that you’ve either come across, heard, or are actually using it. The company offers users a free option for those who don’t need advanced features, and this is usually good enough.


Apple Launches Online Portal For Activation Lock Removal Requests
One of the features of the iPhone is that in the event you lose it or have it stolen, you can mark it as such on iCloud. This means that whoever has your phone and attempts to have it erased will need to enter your Apple ID and password. This is meant to discourage thieves from stealing iPhones.

Chrome For iOS Tests Touch ID And Face ID For Incognito Mode
The point of using incognito mode in a browser like Chrome is to not leave a trail of your internet activity on your phone or computer. However, it seems that Google is taking things one step further by testing out a new feature for Chrome on iOS that would protect incognito mode by adding an additional layer of security in the form of Touch ID or Face ID.

Cyberpunk 2077’s Source Code Has Already Been Auctioned Off
The other day, developer CD Projekt announced that their internal systems were breached as a result of a hack. The hackers left a message claiming that they stole source code for several of the studio’s games, including Cyberpunk 2077, and threatened to release it online if their demands weren’t  met.

Cyberpunk 2077’s Developer Has Been Hacked, Source Code Allegedly Stolen
It seems that the developers behind Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher have landed themselves in a bit of an awkward situation as they have been hacked. In a tweet posted on CD Projekt Red’s account, the company has confirmed that they have fallen victim to a hack and had their internal systems breached and compromised.

Hackers Attempted To Contaminate A Florida Town’s Water Supply
The problem with a lot of things being online and connected to the internet these days is that it makes them vulnerable to hackers. A good example would be a recent story of how a town in Florida nearly had their water supply contaminated to dangerous levels when hackers managed to breach the system.

Microsoft Launches Their Own ‘Autofill’ Password Manager
If you use Google Chrome, Google has baked in its own password manager. Apple has iCloud Keychain, and now it looks like Microsoft wants in on the action as well and has since launched the Autofill password manager tool for various platforms. This includes iOS and Android where they will be available as part of the Authenticator app, and also Google’s Chrome browser where it will be an extension.

11 Year Old Poses As A Hacker Online, Blackmails His Own Father
Just because you consider someone to be your family, even if it’s necessarily by blood, it doesn’t mean that they can’t turn around and betray you or do things that work against you. Take for example over in India, where a man who extorted by what he thought was a group of hackers, only to find out that it was his 11-year old son.

Instagram Launches New Feature To Better Protect Users Against Account Takeovers
More often than not, we come across many instances of people having their Instagram accounts hacked and taken over and have its contents deleted. Since we don’t always keep backups of the photos we share on Instagram, this can be a devastating loss for some who might have amassed a huge following and a ton of posts.

Apple Pulls iCloud 12 Update For Windows
Yesterday, we reported that after a premature announcement, Apple had finally released the latest version of iCloud for Windows. With this update, Apple brought its iCloud Keychain feature to Google Chrome where it could now be used as an extension of the browser to help users fill in passwords for logins that were previously saved in iCloud.

iOS 14.5 Will Let iPhone Users Unlock Their Devices With The Apple Watch
We expect that for the foreseeable future, we will all still be wearing masks in public. This in turn makes features like Face ID a bit annoying to use. Apple has made some changes where if it detects a mask, users will be prompted to enter their PIN instead, but it’s still quite a hassle for a feature that’s meant to be hassle-free.

Cyberpunk 2077 Mods Could Allow Hackers To Control Your PC
One of the features of Cyberpunk 2077 is the ability to support mods. Games with mod support aren’t new, but they’re a welcome feature as it means that gamers get to experience the game in other ways not necessarily intended by the developer, which can make things fun and exciting.

iCloud Passwords Chrome Extension Now Available
Last week, it was prematurely revealed that Apple was working on a Chrome extension for iCloud passwords. The good news is that if you were interested in checking it out, the extension has since been released and is available for download from Google’s Chrome Web Store where other extensions are usually available from.

iPhone 13 Could Use An Optical In-Display Touch ID Sensor
There have been multiple rumors suggesting that Apple could be looking to bring Touch ID back. Apparently part of the reason is due to the pandemic where we are all wearing face masks, which means that using Face ID has become rather troublesome as it obviously cannot see through our masks.

Researchers Discover New ‘BlastDoor’ Security Feature For Apple’s Messages
Text messages might seem rather mundane and somewhat innocent, but sometimes due to vulnerabilities and flaws in the code of iOS or Android, hackers might be able to do some rather nasty stuff through a simple and otherwise seemingly innocent text message, but Apple seems to have done something about it.

WhatsApp Web Will Now Require Biometric Authentication
If you’ve ever used WhatsApp for the web or desktop before, you know that to sync up the app on your phone and computer and also to ensure you are who you say you are, you have to launch the app and scan the QR code. However, it seems that WhatsApp is now taking steps to make its service even more secure.

Apple Is Releasing An iCloud Password Manager Extension For Chrome
Apple has their own password manager in the form of iCloud keychain. This allows iOS and macOS users to store login credentials on their devices so that it can be used to fill in forms and log into apps. However, it is more or less exclusive to Apple’s products, but that is expected to change soon.