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Google Is Bringing End-To-End Encryption To Messages
A lot of messenger services use end-to-end encryption these days to help increase the security and privacy of messages being sent and received. Apple’s iMessage already supports it, and now it looks like Android Messages will be getting it as well and the feature is expected to begin rolling out this week.

Latest Chrome Update Will Patch A Zero-Day Vulnerability
As much as updates are welcome as they bring about bug fixes and new features, sometimes an update can also be a negative thing as it leaves a software exposed to hackers and other security issues. Such is the case with Chrome 91 where a new patch has been issued that will deal with zero-day vulnerability.

Google Could Be Building Its Own Dedicated Password Manager
There are several password managers in existence right now, but it seems that Google could be looking to build its own. This is according to the sighting of a newly added Chrome flag that suggests that Google could be looking to develop a unified password manager for Chrome based on Google Mobile Services.

Pirated Software Helped An Unknown Malware Infect 3.2 Million PCs
hackThere are many reasons not to download pirated software, with the most obvious being that it’s illegal and you’re essentially “stealing”. The second reason is that because you can’t always trust the source of pirated software, it could lead to bad situations like this, where recently a report from NordLocker revealed how an unknown malware flew under the radar for two years, infecting 3.2 million PCs in the process.


Hackers Have Stolen Source Code For EA’s FIFA 21 And Frostbite Engine
You would assume that a company as big as EA would have invested a lot of money and resources into developing a system that would protect its IPs from being stolen. There’s a good chance that they might have, but at the same time, it seems that hackers have also come a long way in terms of skill and tools because a bunch of EA’s IPs have been stolen.

Apple Wants To Eliminate Passwords By Using Face ID And Touch ID
Many believe that passwords are an antiquated system that needs to go. This is because passwords can be guessed, especially when people choose to use weak passwords, or they can be leaked when hackers breach a system. However, to eliminate passwords entirely is a monumental task, and that’s something that Apple is hoping to build towards.

This Could Be The Largest Password Leak Of All Time
From time to time, we hear about data breaches that lead to passwords being leaked. Obviously this affects a lot of people, but it seems that the latest leak could be the biggest password leak of all time. According to a report from CyberNews, it seems that a 100GB text file was posted on a popular hacker forum.

How To Unlock Your iPhone While Wearing A Mask
If you’re wearing a mask and are finding it troublesome to unlock your iPhone and having to enter your passcode every time, you can actually unlock it using your Apple Watch, so read on to find out what you need to do.

iOS 15 Will Let You Ditch Third-Party Authenticator Apps
If you’re trying to protect your online account, two-factor authentication (2FA) is the way to go. However, sometimes it can be troublesome as it means having to download and use a third-party authenticator app which can slow down the sign-in process, which in turn might dissuade people from using it.

US DOJ Recovers 63.7 Bitcoin From Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack
Recently, the US government announced that they will soon be giving ransomware attacks the same level of priority as terrorism. While ransomware attacks aren’t new, it seems that the attack on the Colonial Pipeline that caused fuel shortages across the East Coast and Southern US has spurred the government to treat it more seriously.

Google To Bring More Protections To Chrome’s Enhanced Safe Browsing
Back in 2020, Google introduced a new security feature to Chrome called Enhanced Safe Browsing. This feature, when enabled, will tell you if sites and downloads are dangerous so you can avoid landing yourself in trouble and preventing your computer from potentially being breached or have malware installed on it.

US Government Will Give Ransomware Hacks The Same Priority As Terrorism
Over the years, it feels like there has been an increase in ransomware attacks. Sometimes it’s just annoying, but sometimes these attacks can be crippling, especially if they target places like research facilities or hospitals or government institutions. This is why the US Department of Justice has decided that ransomware attacks need to have a higher priority.

Apple’s M1 Chip Already Has An Unfixable Vulnerability
Security flaws and vulnerabilities are all part and parcel of tech. You would be hard pressed to find something that is completely free of it. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) for Apple, it seems that the company’s brand new M1 chipset which debuted last year already has a vulnerability that cannot be fixed.

Fitbit Introduces 2FA For Account Protection
Right now, a good majority of the online services we use still require the traditional username and password combination to log into our accounts, but many have since introduced an additional layer of security in the form of two-factor authentication (2FA) that helps protect the account in the event someone guesses your password.

Instagram Could Use WhatsApp To Send 2FA Codes
One of the better methods of security for logging in would be to use 2FA. This basically adds an additional layer of security so that in the event a hacker guesses your password, they won’t be able to get in without the 2FA code. For the most part, 2FAs are sent over SMS, but Instagram is exploring something else.

Google Will Now Help You Change Passwords For Compromised Accounts
We’re sure that many of you have come across a message or email from Google telling you that some of the passwords you’re using might have been compromised. This is usually from data breaches and widespread hacks and your accounts might have been one of them, especially if you use easy-to-guess passwords.

Apple Exec Thinks The Mac Has An ‘Unacceptable’ Malware Problem
Apple’s Mac computers are not immune to malware. It might not be as common to come across Mac malware compared to Windows, but that’s because there are way more Windows computers in existence compared to Mac, but like we said, Macs are not immune to malware as it does happen from time to time.

iPhone 13’s Face ID Sensor Could be 50% Smaller Than Previous Generation
While we might have to wait until 2023 for Apple to eventually ditch the notch on the iPhone, there have been rumors and leaked photos that claim that for the iPhone 13, Apple will at the very least be making the notch smaller. This is apparently due to the sensors used for Face ID which Apple is said to have shrunk by as much as 50%.

Someone Managed To Exploit Apple’s Find My Network
Apple sells millions of iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers around the world, and thanks to that, the company has managed to build up a pretty decently-sized network for its Find My service. For those unfamiliar, Find My is an Apple service that helps you track down lost iPhones, iPads, AirTags, and so on.

Apple’s AirTag Has Already Been Hacked
Apple’s AirTag was announced and released not too long ago, but it seems that less than a month since its official unveiling, the gadget has already been hacked. Now the good news is that this hack comes from IT security researcher stacksmashing on Twitter, meaning it’s more about showing off the possibility rather than doing it for malicious purposes.