Banks Are Secretly Monitoring Smartphone Habits To Detect Fraud

We all use our phones differently. For example some of us love injecting emojis into our text messages, some of us have certain words that we’ve shortened to make it easier to understand, some of us use our phones and favor our left/right hands, and so on. To that end, it appears that these are habits that banks are secretly monitoring to help detect fraud.

Google Assistant ‘Face Match’ Feature Spotted In APK Teardown

Ever since Apple introduced Face ID to the iPhone X last year, the rumors have been running rampant that Android OEMs are expected to follow suit. To date we have yet to see an OEM offer up a similar solution to what Apple has, but could Google be next? According to a recent APK teardown by XDA, there are signs to suggest that they could be.

‘Synthetic Click’ Attack Discovered For macOS High Sierra

When you click on a button, a link, or an item on your computer, chances are you are doing it with your mouse. However it seems that recently it was discovered that macOS High Sierra is vulnerable to a “synthetic click” attack which is essentially a software-based clicking of the interface, meaning that your computer registers clicks that you might not even have made.

Researchers Discover Flaw That Could Allow Hackers To Hack Amazon’s Echo

Smart speakers are great tools that allow users to control their smart homes using nothing but their voice. However for those who are more privacy-minded, smart speakers also represent an instance in which it could potentially be used as a tool to spy on you by malicious hackers. Unfortunately that’s what researchers discovered with Amazon’s Echo.


New Bug Lets Hackers Compromise Macs During The Setup Process

It is generally thought that a computer fresh from the factory is pretty much as secure as it gets, before software is installed and it is connected to the internet. However that might not be the case with Apple’s Mac computer as security researchers have discovered a bug that could allow Macs to be hacked even before the user logs in for the first time.

Researchers Find That WhatsApp Messages & Usernames Can Be Faked

One of the security features that WhatsApp touts is end-to-end encryption. This means that messages are sent and received encrypted, meaning that even if in the event they are intercepted, they cannot be read by the person(s) intercepting it. However according to security researchers, it seems that isn’t necessarily the case.

An Increase In Face ID Components Are Reportedly Being Ordered

Last year Apple introduced Face ID to the iPhone X. They also ditched Touch ID in the process, and for those who still prefer Touch ID, it seems that there is some bad news because according to reports, there is now mounting evidence that Apple could ditch the feature for this year’s iPhones as well.

Fake Fortnite For Android Ads Are Making Their Rounds

Epic has recently confirmed that for Android, Fortnite Battle Royale will be launched outside of the Google Play Store. One of the main reasons behind it is so that Epic can avoid paying Google a cut from in-app purchases made in the game, which as far as the iOS version of the game is concerned, comes in at around $2 million everyday.

TSMC Shares Additional Details About Virus That Shut Down Its Production

Recently Taiwanese company TSMC announced that they discovered a computer virus on their systems that forced them to temporarily halt production of their chipsets. Not much was known about the virus, but in a new report from Bloomberg, the company has since come forward with additional details about it.

Senators Want To Question Google About Their Plans To Relaunch In China

For almost a decade, Google has been conspicuously absent from China. This includes all of Google’s products and services such as search, Gmail, and so on, and to a certain extent even Android where Android devices in China are essentially forked versions of Android with Google’s services stripped from it.

Politicians Warned Not To Use Devices Made By Huawei Or ZTE

In recent times there seems to be a lot of scrutiny on Chinese companies such as Huawei and ZTE, where US lawmakers have warned companies not to use their products. In fact earlier this year Huawei’s plans to make a big entrance into the US was dashed when major US carriers reportedly pulled out of the deal with them.

G Suite Will Alert Admins Of Government-Based Attackers

As much as security improves on the technological front, the fact of the matter is that hacks still happen and in some cases, some of the cybersecurity attacks actually come from hackers that are backed by their respective governments. For those who use Google’s G Suite of productivity apps and services, not to worry as Google has your back.

Reddit Reveals Security Breach, Recommends Users Enable 2FA

If you’ve been a long-time Reddit user, perhaps it’s time to consider changing your password or maybe enabling two-factor authentication. This is because in an announcement on Reddit, the company has revealed that they have discovered a security breach and are now recommending that users update their security options.

New iPhone Phishing Scam Makes Calls To A Fake ‘Apple Care’

Phishing scams aren’t new and we doubt that they will ever go away. However given that we spend so much time on our mobile devices, it’s not surprising that we are starting to see more scams that are targeting our smartphones. In a report from ArsTechnica, it seems that the latest scam is targeting iPhone users.