Security Flaw Discovered In Instagram’s ‘Download Your Data’ Tool

Earlier this year, Instagram launched a new feature that would allow users to download their data. Basically the idea behind this feature is that it lets users download all their data that they’ve published to Instagram, such as photos, videos, profile information, and more, where you can use that as a backup tool in case your account gets hacked or stolen.

AI Used To Create Synthetic Fingerprints, Fools Biometric Scanners

Fingerprint scanners have become pretty commonplace for use on smartphones and in some cases, even laptops. Given that we all have unique fingerprints, it makes sense that fingerprints are used as a form of biometric security, but unfortunately it seems that it might not be as secure as we think anymore.

iPhone X Exploit Lets Hackers Steal Your ‘Deleted’ Photos

We all know that sinking feeling of accidentally deleting a file or photo and not having any way of recovering it. This is why iOS devices, when a photo is deleted, it gets sent to a “Recently deleted” folder which basically gives users about a month or so to recover it, after which it will be deleted permanently.

Some iOS Users Are Finding Their Apple ID Accounts Have Been Locked

It is unclear as to why this is happening, but a report from 9to5Mac has revealed that quite a number of iOS users are suddenly finding themselves locked out of their Apple ID accounts. Now before you get worried that your account has been lost/stolen, it seems that you can gain access back to it by answering the security questions you’ve setup along with a trusted phone number for validation.


Apple’s Face ID Component Supplier Has Been Acquired For $3.2 Billion

When Apple introduced the TrueDepth camera system in the iPhone X, this meant that the company had to turn to new suppliers for the components necessary for the technology behind features like Face ID. Finisar has been known as the company that supplies to the necessary components to Apple, and now it looks like they might have been bought out.

Samsung To Bring Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensors To Mid-Range Phones

A report from last week suggested that Samsung’s Galaxy S10 could be using an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor made by  Qualcomm. Usually when it comes to new and hi-tech features, companies typically reserve them for their flagship phones and it usually takes a while before they find their way to other devices.

China Can Now Identify Citizens Based On How They Walk

Over in China, the country’s government has deployed certain hi-tech measures to track people in the country, such as by using facial recognition systems to identify wanted suspects who might still be at large. Now it looks like things will be getting harder for wanted criminals as authorities have recently begun to use a new method of surveillance: gait recognition.

2019’s iPhones Will Feature An Upgraded Face ID System

While there is inherently nothing wrong with Apple’s Face ID system, we suppose that it could always be improved upon, such as being able to process facial recognition faster, and maybe improvements in low-light situations. The good news is that it looks like come 2019, we might be able to expect an improved Face ID system.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Might Use Qualcomm’s 3rd Gen Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor

For the longest time ever, fingerprint sensors on phones were placed on the front of the device, a trend that Apple kicked off with Touch ID. However some manufacturers started moving the sensor around, where it has now found its way onto the back of the phone, which admittedly isn’t ideal but is necessary when creating edge-to-edge displays.

Apple’s T2 Chip Prevents Hackers From Hijacking Your Mac’s Microphone

Apple had recently announced its new MacBook Air which represents a pretty huge update that we’ve seen to the lineup in a while. One of those major changes they made was introducing Touch ID to the laptop, as well as the T2 secure enclave that stores fingerprint data, encryption keys, and more.

Icon Found In iOS ‘Confirms’ Full-Screen iPad With Face ID

So far based on all the rumors and evidence that we’ve seen, it seems that it’s more or less a guarantee that come 30th October, Apple is expected to officially announce a new iPad Pro with an edge-to-edge display and also support for Face ID. If you’re looking for more “evidence” of that, Guilherme Rambo of 9to5Mac has discovered additional proof.

iOS 12.1 Beta Confirms Face ID Support On iPad Pro

According to the rumors, the 2018 iPad Pros are expected to feature Face ID. We have seen evidence of that in the iOS 12 code, although for the most part many seem to believe that Face ID will only work in landscape mode. However according to a tweet by 9to5Mac’s Guilherme Rambo, it looks like it will work in portrait mode as well.

iOS 12 Might Have Broken The GrayKey Unlocking Tool

Due to Apple refusing to build a backdoor into iOS to allow law enforcement access to its platform, law enforcement officials have had no choice but to seek outside help. This has resulted in tools such as GrayKey which in the past is said to have successfully unlocked iPhones belonging to suspects.

Cathay Pacific Data Breach Affects 9.4 Million Passengers

We imagine that airline companies are a treasure trove of sensitive information. After all we usually provide them with information such as credit card details, our home addresses, identity card numbers, passport information, and more, all of which are usually required when tickets are purchased online.