Xiaomi Teases Next-Gen In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

In 2018 we started to see more smartphone manufacturers include in-display fingerprint sensors into their devices. Now in a post on Weibo by Xiaomi’s co-founder and president Lin Bin (via Gagets360), it seems that the company is working on a “next-generation” in-display fingerprint sensor.

Google To Remove Unapproved Apps That Use Call Log/SMS Permissions

Sometimes when Android apps ask for permission, it can be a little scary and daunting if you’re not familiar with why they are asking for it. For example if a calculator app you downloaded asked for permissions to access your messages and photos, it doesn’t make sense and sounds downright suspicious, doesn’t it?

Suspects Cannot Be Forced To Unlock iPhones With Face ID, Touch ID

Before biometric security features were used for our smartphones, most phones relied on security features like a passcode, or in the case of Android, a pattern unlock feature. It also presented certain legal conundrums as to whether or not suspects could be forced by the police to unlock their devices (no, they can’t).

Xiaomi’s Yi Home Camera 3 Announced With Smarter Notifications

For those who are unfamiliar, Xiaomi actually makes a lot more things than just phones, which the company is probably best known for. In fact Xiaomi actually makes a fair number of smart home products such as smart lighting systems and even security cameras, the latter of which was announced at CES 2019 in the form of the Yi Home Camera 3.


Some US Agency Websites Are Inaccessible Due To Government Shutdown

As many are aware, the government is currently in shutdown mode. This has resulted in several government agencies putting their work on hold, such as the FCC which has affected certain ongoing transactions, like the T-Mobile and Sprint merger review. However it seems that is not all that the shutdown has affected.

Some Alcatel Smartphones Came Preinstalled With Malware

Avoiding malware on our smartphones and computers is pretty easy: just don’t install apps or visit suspicious sounding and looking websites. Granted this isn’t a guarantee that you can’t get infected, but usually practicing such habits can help. Unfortunately for owners of certain Alcatel handsets, their phones actually came with malware preinstalled.

LG G5, LG V20 Will No Longer Receive Security Updates

If you’re the owner of either the LG G5 or LG V20, it might be time to start considering upgrading your phones to a newer model. This is because according to LG’s Security Bulletin (via XDA), it appears that both the LG G5 and LG V20 are no longer listed on the page. This means that neither handset will be receiving future Android security updates.

YubiKey With Lightning Launched For iOS Devices

#CES2019 – When it comes to protecting our computers and accounts, the most common way would be a password. However since passwords can be guessed, other methods have since been created such as 2FA, biometric security, and more recently it seems that hardware keys are increasing in popularity.

Ring Door View Cam Can Be Installed Without Wires

#CES2019 – If one of your concerns about putting together a smartphone is potentially having to rewire and reinstall everything, Ring could help put your mind at ease with its latest Door View Cam smart doorbell. This is because the Door View Cam’s installation is pretty easy and does not require any wires.

Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X Have Seemingly Reached The End Of Their Lives

We’ve known for a while now that the Nexus 6P and the Nexus 5X would be reaching the end of the life. Last year it was announced that they would only receive their Android security updates until November 2018, although surprisingly enough there was one last update that was issued in December.

Apple’s Face ID Supplier Unveils New Behind-Screen Sensor

For those who aren’t a fan of the iPhone’s notch, the bad news is that you might have to wait a while before the notch design is phased out. This is because rumors are claiming that it could stick around until 2020 at the very least. However it seems that there is a glimmer of hope that the notch design could eventually go the way of the dinosaur.

Netamo Announces Its HomeKit Compatible Smart Video Doorbell

#CES2019 – There are plenty of HomeKit compatible devices in the market today, but yet one category that is oddly missing would be the smart doorbell category. Earlier this month it was reported that a company called Robin Telecom could launch the first HomeKit compatible smart doorbell, but it appears that Netamo might have beatne them to the punch.

Marriott Breach Might Be Smaller Than Previously Estimated

Last year it was reported that the Marriott Starwood database had been breached by hackers, where it was initially estimated that about 500 million guests had their details exposed. However in an update provided by Marriott, it seems that the actual number of guests affected might be smaller than they thought.

This Apple Phishing Scam Is Scarily Convincing

Phishing scams are actually rather common, although for the most part if you use email services like Gmail, Google’s spam filter does a pretty good job at filtering them out. However not all phishing scams come via email, some are sent via text message, and in this particular case, was made via a phone call.