Sporty Supaheroe jacket for safe cyclingCycling at night can be fun and cooling, but there is an element of danger attached to it – as other motorists might not be able to see you clearly. I do not think with the Sporty Supaheroe jacket, that will happen to you though, as it offers a far higher degree of visibility on the road, thanks to the efforts of Wolfgang Langeder and Stretchable Circuits/Fraunhofer IZM. The Sporty Supaheroe jacket is not tacky at all, but instead, looks rather stylish, sporting a 64 RGB-LED flexible display that are strategically located in segments on the front, back and shoulder segments. The colors and illumination pattern will occur to correspond with your body movement courtesy of an acceleration sensor and a 3D gyroscope.The real kicker is this – the Sporty Supaheroe jacket even comes with a visual link between your smartphone that is safely tucked away in the jacket pocket. Any incoming calls will be reflected by a light pattern on the outside of the jacket. No idea on pricing though, but you know for sure that this is going to be one hot ticket item if priced affordable enough when it arrives, if ever.

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