Staying hydrated in a war zone, especially when you are out in a desert environment, can be quite a challenge – especially for foot soldiers. The good people over at an Israeli startup managed to develop a portable device which is capable of generating large amounts of water using nothing but desert air. Yes sir, you would have thought that humidity levels in a desert is extremely low, but Water-Gen claims that this system is capable of offering troops a cheap and safe way to remain well hydrated. As we all know, a well looked after soldier performs a whole lot better, too.

In fact, armies worldwide spend millions of dollars just to transport water from the source to the front lines, and it is not exactly the safest task to perform, too. Why not let the troops themselves be self sufficient and generate water right there and then on the spot? This device by Water-Gen will function on the same principle as that of an air conditioner, drawing the ambient humidity in the air, processing it to produce clean drinking water. I guess it will also be the perfect gift for parched areas worldwide during peaceful times, no?

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