In the event of a blackout or a fire, locating the nearest exit is of great importance, but unfortunately locating the exit might be a little too tough due to the lack of illumination, which is why designers Giangi Razeto and Massimo Pinto have come up with the Zento door handle, which has been designed as an added safety feature in the event of an emergency.

Since sometimes in the event of a fire, or in the case of a blackout, electricity will not be available, the Zento door handle has been designed in such a way that it will feature an independent wireless power system that will help ensure the internal lamp in the handle is always ready to be used. Obviously there are other possible uses for such a door handle, perhaps to indicate when a door is lock/unlocked, mark the contents behind the door, etc. Unfortunately at the moment the Zento door handle is merely a concept, but we don’t see why it wouldn’t take off if it were made a reality!

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