Have you ever felt that your DSLR camera was too bulky and not flexible enough? When we say flexible, we literally mean flexible as this All.Round SLR camera concept by Arti Patel seems to suggest. The result is a camera that not only would not allow users to capture SLR quality images, but its flexible in the sense that it can be bent, twisted, and ultimately give users 360-degrees of flexibility in which they will be able to take their photographs. Described by the designer herself:

“The meshed body is expandable and collapsible and is controlled by body holders making this SLR a lightweight & portable camera to carry around for daily use. OLED screen at the back lets the users do unlimited framing, as it stretches out in multiple directions (i.e. for landscape pictures, it becomes wider while taking pictures helping photographers to shot in scenes) This SLR Camera solves the current gap in Camera design, and fulfills the very basic needs and answers to daily frustrations of photographers.”

To be honest upon first glance it could be mistaken for a car’s spare part, but we have to admit it’s certainly a unique and interesting concept although we’re not sure how many people would actually need such a camera. Photographers what do you guys think? Does this All.Round SLR camera concept hold any merit in your professional opinion?

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