Let’s face it, a lot of us are turning to our smartphones and tablets to play games these days. After all we pretty much carry them with us all the time, so it wouldn’t really make a lot of sense to bring an additional gaming console unless there are specific games on the console that you’d like to play. However hardcore gamers will probably agree with nothing quite beats the feel of physical controls that are sadly missing from our smartphones and tablets. Archos on the other hand feels differently. In an interview with The New Ecomiste, Archos’ CEO, Henri Crohas, revealed that the company was working on a tablet game console.

“We will soon be certified a tablet-type game console. A first. I strongly believe in this market segment. Moreover, the classic game consoles will disappear.” (loosely translated from French)

Will classic game consoles disappear? That’s hard to say and it’s pretty much anybody’s guess, but we are certainly looking forward to seeing what Archos has in store for us as far as a gaming tablet consoles are concerned.

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