Kodak isn’t a name that you’d normally associate with tablets, but the company is moving into this market now, at least as far as leveraging its iconic brand is concerned. It has been confirmed that Kodak has signed an agreement with Archos which will see the latter develop Kodak-branded tablets. The brand licensing deal has been confirmed today by Archos CEO Loïc Poirier and VP of Kodak’s Consumer Products Group, Brian Cruz.

Poirier said that Archos is “very proud” to become one of Kodak’s licensees and will now get to jointly develop its brand into the tablet market. Archos is looking forward to bringing Kodak-branded tablets to customers across the globe. Kodak acknowledges Archos’ strong track record in the tablet market and is “excited” to be working with it on this.

Archos is a key player in the European tablet market so this arrangement may prove to be very beneficial for Kodak. The Kodak that you know from decades back is long gone, partly because most of the products that made it famous have long become obsolete.

However, the company has leveraged its brand to survive, we’ve already seen it branch out to the smartphone market and it was only a matter of time before it tried evoking nostalgia by slapping its logo on tablets manufactured by a third-party.

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