Architects and interior designers usually require a lot of paper to sketch out their designs or blueprints. Not only is this a waste of paper but can be highly inefficient due to the amount of paper that they have to carry around. Enter the EDDY, or Electronic Drawings Display which is a device that aims to mimic the qualities of paper, but will help make design offices a truly paper-free environment.

Designed by Austin Inglis, the EDDY can be rolled up for convenience and portability, allowing architects or interior designers to bring their work with them to on-site locations, and also the ability to recall saved work, reducing the hassle required to leaf through pages of drawings to search for the correct one. According to its designer, drawings can be stored and displayed from CAD and PDF files and is tough and durable enough to be taken out to construction sites. So to our architecture and interior designer friends out there, what do you guys think?

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