In an interview with Businessweek (via Phandroid), Google CEO Larry Page touched on a certain topic about his relationship with the late Steve Jobs. Apparently he claims to have had a good relationship with the former CEO of Apple and even thought of him as a mentor to get advice from after finding out that he was to be the CEO of Google.

On top of that, Page believes that Steve Jobs did not hate Android as much as people assume from reading his famous line from his autobiography that he would spend every last penny in Apple’s bank to see Android wiped from the face of the earth. Google’s CEO believes that that so-called ‘hatred’ was useful for “Apple to feel like they have an obvious competitor to rally around”. This in essence would have lit a fire in every loyal Apple employee to feel the same way.

While the fact remains as to why Jobs would lie in his own autobiography, it does make sense because how intellectual the late Steve Jobs was. As our friends over at Phandroid say, he was far too smart to really believe that taking out a competitor was so important that it was worth running his company into the ground. While Page’s views are in stark contrast from what we know and believed, perhaps the CEO of Google’s thoughts mirror what Jobs was actually thinking.

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