In February, there were reports circulating that a replacement for Intel’s 311 series was coming out for use as hard drive caching. Now after a quiet launch, the Intel 313 series SSDs are officially for sale in retail outlets as of today. The SSD 313 Series comes in two sizes, 20 and 24GB. The 24GB SKU strangely features a slower read speed than its smaller counterpart at 160MB/s against 220MB/s. On the other hand when it comes to write performance, the 24GB SKU writes at speeds of 115MB/s compared to the smaller unit which is capable of 100MB/s.

The pricing attached to both the SSDs are $120 for the 20GB and $140 for the 24GB. If you’re planning on using Intel’s Rapid Start and Smart Response technology along with an Ivy Bridge CPU on a 7-series motherboard, make sure you get enough RAM since the 20GB model is equivalent to 4GB of RAM and the 24GB model is equivalent to 8. According to Greek website Hwbox, they have already given the new 20GB model a quick run through and the drive appears to perform in line with Intel’s numbers but the point of this is not raw SSD performance but how it would perform as a cache for a hard drive so it would take a few runs so that files can be cached to it for the next time they’re being used. If you want to purchase either model of the device, do leave us a comment below about your experience with it.

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