While WiFi hotspots might be readily available in some countries, unfortunately sometimes these hotspots do not encompass the entire city, or that these hotspots are proprietary and could belong to a third-party, i.e. Starbucks. Looking to change that by providing users with continuous coverage of WiFi is a Spanish company who has come up with what they’re calling “iPavement”. It’s basically sidewalk paving stones that has the ability to double up as a WiFi hotspot.

Each paving stone will contain a 5GB microprocessor that has the capability of communicating with nearby mobile devices via Bluetooth or WiFi. These stones will also be placed no more than 20 meters from each other if they are hoping to provide continuous coverage. On top of that, this system will also provide users with access to cloud-based apps like a digital library, a music service, coupon catalogue, and will be also be able to send promotional messages to users via Bluetooth.

It should be noted that one of the limitations to the iPavement is that it will only work with temperatures ranging from -10C to 45C. While this might not present as an issue to a country like Spain, other countries with more extreme weather conditions might find the implementation of the iPavement a challenge.

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