Fans of the Professor Layton franchise, are you guys excited about a possible sequel? Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney cross-over aside, if you are, you will be pleased to hear that Level 5 has already begun work on the game. This was revealed by the company’s CEO himself, Akihiro Hino, who hinted vaguely about the game. According to the CEO, the general framework for the next Professor Layton game has been created. While that certainly sounds like good news, it certainly does not sound like a lot of progress has been done since the framework is usually one of the first few steps. Echoing those sentiments, Hino also mentioned that it will be a while before Level 5 will be able to officially announce the game. In any case as a fan of the franchise, my eyes will most definitely be peeled for more news, so remember to check back with us from time to time for the latest updates!

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