Dating websites aren’t exactly new, but what about dating websites for dogs? That’s certainly a unique idea and it’s one that MatchPuppy’s Michael Chiang came up with when he decided that it was simply too time-consuming to find a breeder for his three year old maltese, Louis. Much like how human dating websites work, MatchPuppy will do pretty much the same and provide a user profile for your canine friend. Owners can upload stats such as age, gender, breed and other information that they think might be of interest to other dog owners.

Also instead of just searching for cities or countries like how some dating websites work, MatchPuppy will allow for dog owners to search for parks to see what kind of dogs frequent that area. Owners can then set up play dates with other dogs which we guess could lead to human dates as well if the chemistry is right between the dog owners as well! At the moment MatchPuppy is in beta and is limited to New York City, so if you happen to live in NYC and you own a dog, MatchPuppy could be a website worth checking out.

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