Now, I am not quite sure what you are going to do with a portable X-ray machine, but I am quite sure that there is a market for it simply because Mikasa has released such a device. Known as the TRB9020H, this portable X-ray machine is said to be a first from Japan, and it will not require any form of AC power at all, and is full well capable of capturing X-rays just about anywhere you are thanks to its fully wireless configuration. It is some battery inside to run such a device to be honest, considering how power consuming X-rays are supposed to be. Despite that, Mikasa managed to limit the entire weight of this device to a mere 7kg.

Capable of performing up to around 300 consecutive X-rays on a single charge, it can also be seen in action in remote areas as well as in emergency circumstances whenever there is no power supply. The control panel itself comes with a brightly lit LED display which can be read even under direct sunlight. So far, the portable X-ray machine has already received regulatory approval and it should see its fair amount of purchasers even outside of Japan.

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