Our friends over at Pocketnow glimpsed the photo above and believe that this could be the rumored Galaxy Nexus Tablet. To substantiate their claims, they have pointed out several clues which point in that direction. The first one is the visible on-screen icons which are all for Google products and none are for 3rd party applications or widgets that users would expect to see on a Samsung or any other Android powered tablet devoid of an overlay by a manufacturer (i.e TouchWiz, Sense) just like Google’s latest Nexus device, the Galaxy Nexus smartphone.

The second clue and according to Pocketnow, the most important one is the Ice Cream Sandwich set of soft keys and status bar which looks nearly identical to that found on the Galaxy Nexus. In spite of those bits of compelling evidence, they do point out a few suspicious elements in the render illustrated above.

Firstly, the rumored tablet is reported to be a seven inch model while the one in the illustration looks to be about ten inches while the other niggling detail that seems to be off is that the Android Market is clearly shown on the first level of apps and it is strange that it has not been modified to the Google Play Store but that could just be because the render was maybe made before the change.

On top of that, Android Community has pointed out that although there are more similiarities than differences, the render could be pointing toward the 7.7 inch prototype tablet that was on show at CES and this render could simply be the production version of the prototype. While we still have no word about the details and specifications regarding the upcoming and rumored affordable tablet by Google, we will definitely update you when we do have the information. In the meantime, what do you think about the rendering?

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