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Nintendo Wii U has some of its details leaked

wii u remote1Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console is scheduled for a launch some time this year. While no official date of the console’s release has been outed, it seems that additional details of the console have been leaked via a document that the folks over at N-Europe have managed to get their hands on. The details pertain to the Project Cars game by Slightly Mad Studios and basically details how the developer will be taking advantage of some of the console’s features.

Of course we expect that different games will take advantage of the Wii U in different ways, but for those looking for examples of gameplay on the Wii U and assuming the leaked document is to be believed, this should be a pretty good indication of what to expect in Wii U games in the future. Additional tech details of the Wii U is expected to be announced at E3 this June by Nintendo, so stay tuned for the updates. In the mean time check out the Project Cars trailer in the video below.

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