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Nintendo Unveils A Super Mario Themed Nintendo Switch Console
If there is one thing to love about the Nintendo Switch is the various customization options that  users have when it comes to colors. If you’ve yet to hop on board the Switch bandwagon or maybe you don’t mind getting another one, then you might be interested to learn that Nintendo has since unveiled a new Mario themed Switch in red and blue.

Potential Nintendo Switch Pro Referenced In Firmware Update
While the Nintendo Switch is a pretty amazing console, in terms of power it is outclassed by the likes of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, which is why it isn’t too surprising to learn that Nintendo could be planning a “Pro” version of the console that could offer more power output.

Microsoft Reveals That They Once Tried To Acquire Nintendo
In the console space, there pretty much exists three main companies that are competing against each other. This includes Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. However, it seems that about two decades ago, Microsoft attempted to reduce that number to just two by trying to acquire Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch Expected To Outsell PS5, Xbox Series X In 2021
Nintendo certainly turned things around for themselves following the debacle that was the Wii U. The Switch has managed to captivate gamers around the world, thanks to its fun family games, strong first-party titles, and also its hybrid nature that allows gamers to play it on the game or on a TV at home.


Nintendo Rolls Out A Hospital-Friendly Console
Staying in a hospital when you’re sick can be a bit depressing, especially since you’ll be surrounded by other sick people. However, Nintendo and Starlight are hoping to make your stay a little more manageable as they have announced that they will be rolling out the Starlight Nintendo Switch Gaming stations to more hospitals across the US.

Nintendo Switch Games Successfully Emulated On M1 Macs
The Nintendo Switch is powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra chipset, which unlike Intel processors, is based on the ARM architecture. This means, at least in theory, that games playable on the Switch should also be playable on other ARM-based devices, like Apple’s new M1 Mac computers, right?

The Nintendo Switch Is Canada’s Top-Selling Console For 25 Months In A Row
The launch of the Nintendo Switch came at a rather good time. It arrived somewhat in the middle of the lifecycle of existing consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One, which meant that gamers who were bored and were looking for something new to play had the Switch to turn to, which ultimately resulted in the console’s success.

Indie Hit Among Us Is Now Available On The Nintendo Switch
If you have been following social media, you might have noticed that one of the more popular games these days is indie hit Among Us. The game has been played by everyone, including some politicians who have used it to try and reach out to more people. The good news is that if you were looking for more ways of playing the game, you’ll be pleased to learn that it […]

Amazon Is Shipping Random Products In Mario-Themed Boxes
If you have recently placed an order on Amazon, don’t be surprised if it shows up at your home in a Mario-themed box, and no, there is a good chance that your order was not mixed up with someone else’s order. This is because this is due to a collaboration with Amazon and Nintendo as part of Mario’s 35th anniversary celebration.

Sony’s DualSense Controller Works With The Nintendo Switch
Typically, gaming controllers for consoles work for the consoles they were designed for. However, funnily enough, it appears that Sony’s DualSense controller designed for the PS5 works with the Nintendo Switch if you’re willing to spend a bit of money to buy a third-party accessory.

Hitman 3 Announced For Nintendo Switch
The Nintendo Switch’s hardware isn’t quite as powerful compared to the likes of the PS5 Pro or the Xbox One X, and as such, games do not necessarily run at the same settings compared to other consoles, and also as a result, not all games are necessarily compatible as well. This is where cloud gaming comes in handy.

Nintendo Switch Pro Could Use a Mini LED Display
Due to the fact that the current Nintendo Switch can be played on your big screen TV, we suppose not many people paid too much attention or cared too much about the display quality on the console itself. While it might not necessarily be the best display we’ve seen, it’s more than adequate for most gamers.

Nintendo Will Soon Start Selling Individual Joy-Cons For $40
If you wanted to buy a new Joy-Con to replace your current Joy-Con on your Nintendo Switch, you’d typically need to buy them in a pair, which is pretty expensive at $80, especially if you only need one. However, the good news is that according to a tweet by the company, it seems that they will soon start to sell Joy-Cons individually.

Don’t Hold Your Breath For More Microsoft Titles On The Nintendo Switch
Console makers love exclusives as it draws players to their platform in terms of both software and hardware, but from time to time we do see some collaborations. Take for example Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where we saw Microsoft’s Banjo & Kazooie make an appearance, and later characters from Minecraft as well.

Steve And Alex From Minecraft Are Coming To Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
If you were hoping to see more Microsoft franchises find their way into Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Nintendo has announced that both Steve and Alex from Minecraft will be making their debut in the game as a DLC that will be available on the 13th of October.

Nintendo Recommends You Charge Your Switch At Least Once Every Six Months
If you haven’t been playing your Nintendo Switch for a while, there is a chance you might have packed it away somewhere. However, it seems that according to a tweet by Nintendo Japan, the company is actually recommending that gamers charge their Switch consoles at least once every six months.

Gamer Credits Nintendo’s Ring Fit For Helping Him Get Incredibly Shredded
Fitness-related games aren’t exactly new, but it seems that if you wanted to lose weight or get toned, perhaps you might want to consider the Nintendo Ring Fit game. According to Japanese Twitter user kzm, he posted a photo of his insanely toned body onto the social media platform in which he credits the game for helping him achieve his body.

It Looks Like The Nintendo 3DS Has Been Discontinued
When the Nintendo Switch was first launched, many wondered about the fate of the 3DS handheld console from the company. After all, the Switch offered similar portability features, but could play more modern games. However, at that time the company stated that they would continue making 3DS consoles.

Nintendo Is Apparently Asking Developers To Make Their Switch Games 4K Ready
While the Nintendo Switch is a great console, it does have its hardware limitations compared to the PS4 and Xbox One, let alone the PS5 and the Xbox Series X. One of those limitations is its resolution, where when docked, the console will only manage to put out 1080p resolution, which pales in comparison when compared with the 4K gaming that other consoles have to offer.

Nintendo Unveils Limited Edition Fortnite Switch Console
If you’ve yet to hop on the Nintendo Switch bandwagon, perhaps this latest edition of the console might pique your interest. Nintendo has recently unveiled a new limited edition Switch console that has been themed around Epic’s Fortnite Battle Royale with a new design on the dock and also new Joy-Con colors.