Square Enix ‘Wants’ To Bring Kingdom Hearts 3 Onto The Switch

While the Nintendo Switch has proven to be a commercial success for Nintendo, it seems that there are still quite a few big named games out there that have yet to be released on the console. We’re not sure why, but if we had to guess, hardware limitations could be one of them as the Switch isn’t exactly the most powerful console compared to the PS4 or Xbox One.

Nintendo Patents Smartphone Case That Transforms It Into A Game Boy

The Nintendo Game Boy is one of most classic handheld gaming consoles of all time, and it is one of the more immediately recognizable devices. However Nintendo’s focus seems to be on the DS series of handhelds these days, but could the company be thinking of perhaps reviving the Game Boy somehow?

‘Lite’ Version Of Fire Emblem Heroes In The Work

As apps grow and update over time, it can start to become bloated with features that are no longer used, which also means that the app will start to take up more space than it should. This seems to be the case with Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Heroes whose continuous updates with new heroes and maps has increased the app’s overall footprint on mobile devices.

New Nintendo Switch Model Coming In Second Half Of 2019

The Nintendo Switch is a little over a year old. While it isn’t as powerful compared to current-gen consoles like the PS4 Pro or the Xbox One X that offer 4K gameplay, it has managed to win over the hearts (and wallets) of many a gamer thanks to its unique playstyle and also the light-hearted games that come with it.


Nintendo Wins Lawsuit Against Japan’s Faux Mario Kart

For years if you go to Tokyo, Japan, you will have the opportunity to dress up like popular Mario-themed characters and drive racing karts throughout the city. On first glance it looks like Mario Kart, but upon closer inspection it’s actually known as MariCar. It’s actually been amazing how long the company has been getting away with it, but unfortunately it has come to an end.

Nintendo Wants Tokyo’s ‘Mario Kart’ Tours To End

If you search for things to do in Tokyo, Japan, you may find many lists that mention suiting up as Mario, Peach or Luigi and driving go-karts on the busy streets of the city as one of the things worth experiencing. Nintendo doesn’t seem to happy about the use of its intellectual property by rent-a-kart services and has been trying to put an end to these tours.

Nintendo Switch Cloud Saves Stored Up To 6 Months After Subscription Ends

One of the benefits of subscribing to Nintendo’s Switch Online service is cloud saves. This means that unlike previously where game saves would be stored locally on a device, which means that if you get a new console you couldn’t just pick up where you left off, cloud saves means that you can recover your saved game files when you get a new console.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bundle Now Available For Pre-Order

Safe to say that many gamers are looking forward to the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which is currently set for a release at the end of the year. We can also imagine that the game will no doubt help to spur the sales of Nintendo Switch consoles and convince gamers to get on board.

Nintendo Granted A Terminally Ill Fan’s Wish To Play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

A lot of us are guilty about griping about how long games take to be released. However there are some of us who do not have the luxury of time, such as Chris Taylor who has been diagnosed with cancer and has been told that he is terminally ill, meaning that he does not have much time left in this world.

Nintendo Switch Online Service Blocked In China

If you are traveling to China and plan on bringing your Nintendo Switch with you, you might want to take note that the console’s recently launched online service is blocked in the country. While China doesn’t seem to have issue with Nintendo or the Nintendo Switch, it seems that its online service is blocked.

Nintendo Switch NES Emulator Has Already Been Hacked

One of the perks of signing up with the Nintendo Switch Online service is that it gives players access to a library of NES games. These NES games are run using an emulator and as it turns out, the emulator has already been hacked which means that in theory, gamers will be able to download their own NES ROMs onto it.

Nintendo Patent Hints At N64 Classic

Earlier this year it was suggested that thanks to a trademark filing, Nintendo could be planning on launching an N64 Classic console. Given that we’ve seen Nintendo release Classic consoles for the past two years, it’s not a stretch to think that this year we might see a new one, and following the NES and SNES Classic, the N64 Classic makes sense.

Nintendo Switch’s App Updated With Voice Chat Support For More Games

The Nintendo Switch is a rather unique console which we reckon helped it achieve some of the success it’s had since its launch. Nintendo made some interesting decisions about the console, one of which is how voice chat is supported where users need to use a smartphone app in order to chat with friends.

SEGA Genesis Classics Will Be Coming To The Nintendo Switch

If classic games are your thing, then you might be interested to learn that SEGA has announced that it will be bringing its SEGA Genesis Classics onto the Nintendo Switch. This collection was actually announced earlier this year and also launched for competing consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One, but now it looks like Switch gamers will be able to get in on the action.