Robo-guard patrols South Korean prison

Remember the scene in Terminator Salvation, where massive robot guards ensure that us puny humans toe the line in a prison? South Korea has something that looks far less threatening, where they are currently testing what is dubbed as the world’s first robot prison guard. Basically, the whole idea of such a robot is to secure the prisoner’s life and safety, while decreasing the workload of correctional officers in a poor working environment. So, the cat is out of the bag now – working in a prison is not exactly a bed of roses, and at least robots do not end up with fatigue at the end of a particularly long day.

This robot was developed in South Korea, and it will come with 3D cameras as well as specially designed software that will be able to study human behavior. This enables it to detect abnormal prisoner activity before it builds up into anything more serious and dangerous, reporting such moments to its controllers. An office is also able to use the robot’s two way wireless system to communicate with a prisoner remotely, without the need to leave the control room.

If you ask me, it looks more like a robot maid that cleans up hallways as well as does your laundry.

Filed in Robots. Seen at: reuters

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