ShelfX has recently announced that they have launched a new product called The Vending Fridge. Utilizing technology as a QR codes, The Vending Fridge is essentially a fridge that will only open when it recognizes an account (with an associated payment method) via QR codes that can be displayed on the user’s smartphone. Once the fridge has been unlocked, users will be able to browse its contents and select their product. The fridge will be able to detect which products have been removed and will charge the user accordingly while automating the payment process. It will also help shop owners do an inventory check and will also be able to generate monthly remittances to shop-owners on the revenue generated from the machine. We’re not sure who will be rushing to implement this technology straight away, but ShelfX has stated that hotels, offices, retail stores, gyms, coffee shops, schools and libraries are some of the places where The Vending Fridge has potential use. If you’re interested in installing The Vending Fridge at the office or in your shop or even at home, you will be able to pre-order one for $599 via ShelfX’s website.

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