Playing Mario Kart (regardless of the platform) is always an intense experience, and everyone hopes to have three spinning red turtle shells at all times in order to defend themselves from incoming projectiles, protect themselves from oil slicks at the like, while shooting down the person in front of you. All of the adrenaline that courses through your veins when you play Mario Kart will more often than not result in you sweating a whole lot, but not enough to burn the calories off that pizza you had for dinner. With the SMKCycle, however, things will be very different – as an exercise bicycle has been modified to work as an SNES controller, allowing you to cycle your way through a Mario Kart course.

Pedaling at a certain rate will hold down the A button in order to accelerate, while left and right are buttons located on the handlebars, whereas a red button in the middle of the handlebars will make use of a special item when pressed.

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