We’re sure that many of us have grown up playing with Hot Wheels, which for those unfamiliar are a series of die-cast toy cars, some of which have been designed to resemble actual car models. For those who are still collecting, you might be interested in the company’s latest offering.

This comes in the form of the Hot Wheels Mario Kart track set which was created in partnership with Nintendo. As you can see in the image above, this is a track set designed to replicate Nintendo’s Mario Kart racing franchise and will launch with characters such as Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, and Bowser, with more expected to be released at a later date which will include Princess Peach, Koopa Troopa and Toad.

As expected of Mario Kart, there will be several “obstacles” for players to overcome, such as a giant Piranha Plant and Thwomp. According to Hot Wheels’ Matt Brutocao, “Mario Kart and Hot Wheels are two of the most iconic brands in play, each with their own storied history and devoted fan base, so the combination of the two is something very special.”

We have to admit that it is actually pretty cool and if you are a fan of Hot Wheels and Mario Kart, then perhaps this could be a track set worth checking out. It is currently available for purchase exclusively at Target, but it is expected to expand in availability this coming summer.

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