The Sony NEX-F3 has just leaked out via an incompletely framed image, where most of the time, spy images or leaked photos of an upcoming device tend to be a whole lot more blur compared to a pirated movie that you downloaded off the Internet or a bootleg DVD that you purchased during your recent holiday to South East Asia. Not with a leaked image of an upcoming camera though, as the folks who snap such photos know how to manipulate the settings on their device in order to capture the clearest image possible. Just what does the Sony NEX-F3 carry with it? Well, we are looking at a 16.1-megapixel sensor, a built-in flash alongside a display that can tilt 180-degrees for that greater sense of freedom whenever you shoot from difficult angles. Not only that, there is a new peaking level feature that will assist you to fine-tune manually focused shots. It does seem as though the Sony NEX-F3 will also come with its predecessor’s proprietary accessory connector, giving you something to ponder over as you select your choice of peripherals

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