Good things come to those who wait – or in this case, have a brilliant mind that is not tempered by the right kind of motives. We are talking about a Pelham High School student actually breaking into the school’s computer system in order to make changes to his grades. This kind of incident seems to roll back the years, where we have fictional character Ferris Bueller do the same. However, this particular high school student did not manage to get away with his act cleanly, but was caught red handed instead.

The school’s officials have yet to reveal just how this student managed to gain access to his grades, and as to whether he worked alone or in a group, that remains to be seen. Needless to say, the superintendent did say that the student was disciplined, although he did not elaborate further when pressed. Debbie Croatti, a parent whose child studies at Pelham High School, said, “I was a little shocked, but it is a little bit amazing that we have kids with that kind of computer aptitude that would be able to crack into the system. I’m glad that they found out and that they’re going to remedy the situation and make it better.”

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