Yahoo has taken it upon itself to release the source code for Mojito in its latest part of its Yahoo Cocktails program. The code will help developers to work with any device whether web, mobile web or even smartphone OS’ like iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Mojito is a JavaScript-based developer framework that will allow developers to leverage both, client and server-side technologies to get the best performance from any device.

Yahoo has referred to the type of app that will be created as a hybrid app since it will be able to run on any device and avoid problems like running on a device which is sub-par performance-wise or with erratic network bandwidths. The idea behind the developer framework is for developers to be able to build JavaScript –based applications and adapt them to the unique problems of the mobile web. How the framework will help with that is by giving developers a way to blur the lines between building client-based or server-based processing.

According to our friends at GigaOM, Mojito applications will be able to run on the client itself using the device’s JavaScript engine or it will be able to run on the server via Node.js which in turn will make application development more flexible than previously. By allowing app developers to build for not only various developers, but also various devices, it might negate the choice that developers are currently making. For example, when Instagram launched on Apple’s iOS, it was focused on that particular OS and only when the hype reached Android users’ ears did they think about building the app for Android. Mojito is now available for all to play around with and hopefully improve upon. If you would like to give it a run-around, do click on this link (via GitHub).

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