We did take a closer look at the Audi e-bike slightly more than a week ago, but we somehow missed out on something that could be potentially a game changer – the Audi e-bike, apparently, is fast enough to be caught out by a speed camera. It is said that the electric motor in this puppy is able to send the bike hurling down at speeds of up to 50mph, which means wearing a helmet is far more important than ever (especially for those living in developing countries where it is not mandatory to wear a helmet), while giving your legs a good rest as there is no need for any pedaling to be done.

There are five cycling modes to choose from, including one that relies purely on muscle power, while the other extreme would be to have the electric motor bear the brunt of the work. Alternatively, you can always have a mixture of both, which should benefit the bicycle as well as the rider. Would you be looking out for the Audi e-bike to make a debut in your garage anytime soon?

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