It is approximately 3 months before the world’s greatest show for 2012 kicks off – that is, the London Olympics. Needless to say, the amount of work and attention that goes into the security detail needs to be combed over and over again to make sure that no crack exists, otherwise, someone with ill intention might just cause untold havoc and irreparable damage. The CityScan device will not handle anything to do with bomb threats, but it does feature the ability to monitor air quality in and around London. Not only that, the CityScan device will also rely on chemical suppressants to glue polluting particles that are located everywhere, ensuring that they remain on the road. Modified gritting trucks will then go through the same route and spray a chemical solution which can be washed away by the rain at a later period.According to Garrett Emmerson, the Chief Pperating Officer for Transport for London said, “It’s a fine spray composed of water and calcium-magnesium acetate, which effectively binds together the small particles in the air and sticks them to the road so they don’t recirculate up as traffic passes.”

Hopefully there is some sort of index for the general public to refer to each day, and on days which are particularly bad, you might just think about finally taking that long deserved vacation.

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