There is nothing quite like taking a relaxing shower at the end of a particularly long and hard day at the office, as you let the gush of life giving liquid refresh you while you scrub yourself down. There are shower heads that can be adjusted so that the water flow resembles some form of massage (subject to water pressure, of course), and here is Dornbracht with a novel idea – how about taking your shower while lying down horizontally? Sounds like quite the luxury, right? There is one drawback to this idea though, as those living in small apartments will definitely be unable to install the Dornbracht horizontal shower system considering the bathroom itself is too small to accommodate something like it.

For those who are fortunate enough to have adequate real estate space in your homes, then the Dornbracht horizontal shower system might be something worth considering – where it boasts an array of pre-designed choreography that you can select before lying down, and you can also set the water temperature, intensity and quantity according to your liking.

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