Have you ever wished for a pair of portable speakers? If you have, you’ve probably come across several speakers which while portable, might present somewhat of a problem when you try to slip them into your pockets. Looking to change that is the FYLM concept, a set of portable speakers designed by designaffairs which not only looks pretty good with its bright colors, but can also be flattened, allowing users to slip it between the pages of a book or even their pockets while they’re on the go. While not explicitly stated, based on its design it appears that users will be able to unfold it and prop it up like a regular pair of speakers either horizontally or vertically. It will connect to your smartphone, tablet, computer or media player via the 3.5mm audio jack and while we doubt we can expect audiophile level quality from the FYLM speakers, it looks like an ideal portable solution. Now if only someone would just put them into production!

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