We already told about Google’s 7-inch tablet early this year and mentioned that a few folks are calling it a Google Nexus tablet and that it will be probably cost $149. Today, we just got an update from DigiTimes, the Taipei-based publication. DigiTimes released a report today saying that Google’s 7-inch tablet PC, reportedly manufactured by Asus, will start shipping in June, with initial shipments expected to reach around 600,000 units. Google originally planned to release its entry-level 7-inch tablet PC in May, but design and costs did not reach its expectations, and the product was delayed to July for some minor adjustments, DigiTimes added.

Google’s 7-inch tablet is expected to reach 2 million to 2.5 million units of total shipments this year. So far we still don’t know the actual specs of Google’s 7-inch tablet, but there are speculations that it will be powered by a quad-core processor and will be running Android 4.0 once it arrives. But of course, rumors are not enough for us to be totally convinced. It’s also important to note that DigiTimes previously reported that Google will be pricing its upcoming tablet at $199 in order to level with other tablets in the market, such as the Kindle Fire from Amazon.

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