Earlier this year at CES, IK Multimedia revealed the iRig Mix, a portable mixer that allowed for iOS devices to be hooked up to it, thus providing musicians on the go a physical controller on which they will be able to mix their tracks. Granted some music apps come with built-in mixers, but mixing on a touchscreen and actually feeling the physical controls is a totally different story. Musicians and producers probably know what we’re talking about.

For those unfamiliar, the iRig Mix is a portable mixer that lets users connect up to two iOS devices to it, or any other stereo input source along with an extra microphone/instrument input. From there, users will be able to tweak their music to their liking which in turn will be output to the headphone jack at the bottom, and a stereo RCA at the top. On top of that it will also be compatible with IK Multimedia’s apps such as DJ Rig. The good news is that if these features have managed to capture your attention, they are now available for purchase for $99.99. Head on over to IK Multimedia’s website to place your order or for more details.

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