Instagram for Android has clearly been a success ever since it was launched, with all the pent up demand being taken care of. The company that Facebook purchased for $1 billion has just been updated, making it even closer than ever before compared to its iOS original. At first glance, Instagram for Android might seem as though it is the same, but there are a fair number of features that are missing compared to the iOS version. Having said that, the updated version this time around will come with Tilt-Shift photography simulation, offering the photographer more control than ever before over selective focus. Of course, missing out on Tilt-Shift does not mean Instagram for Android is gimped in any way, no sir, it is far from a deal breaker, but when both versions get closer and closer in terms of features, it just makes me feel nice, warm and all fuzzy inside. You might want to download Instagram 1.1.0 from the Google Play store if you are interested. Image courtesy of PocketNow.

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